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I have phone/internet/cable tv with Comcast. I pay them a monthly fee to have my phone number "non-published" which per their CSR means that the name, address, and phone number will not be published in the white pages of the phone book and associated internet phone books. Of course they have published my information.

Most people have reasons to ask and pay for this service. In a nutshell I need this so that a violent past relationship person could not find me in the phone book. Yes, I have of course taken other actions to keep him from knowing my whereabouts, but this error just puts my right out there.

I spoke to Comcast on 8/9/10, "S" was the rep, she was so sorry and upset. She promised to talk to her supervisor and call me back on the 11th or the 12th with some kind of resolution. She let me know she was not working on the 13th so she would not be calling on that day. Guess what, no call from her or anyone from Comcast.

I called "S" on Sat 8/14/10, was on hold for 20 minutes, then gave CSR "D", gave her a briefing on the prob. Then gave her "S's" extension #. "Oh, "S" sits right in a cubicle close to me so I will give her a note to call you". "When?" I asked. She assured me "S" would call shortly. This was at 1:24 p.m.. At 4:30 p.m. no call back, so I called. "H" tried to transfer me to "S" but all he got was a busy signal so he checked and found out that she had left for the day. I told him I needed to talk to a manager. He gave me several reasons why I couldn't talk to one, (all to *** to even bore you with). Finally he agreed to send a request out and I might get a call by Monday 8/16/10.

I am going to switch my services and contact as many organizations, sites like this and even possible that I may take some other type of legal action.

I guess that Comcasts customer satisfaction pledge is worthless, at least to me. They say they support the communities that they service. I guess that domestic violence and child molestation is not anything they care about.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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I subscribed to Comcast Phone Service for a very short time. I think they sell peoples info because soon after they connected me I got bombarded with phone solicitor calls even though my number has been on the National Do Not Call list for many years.

Two weeks after having Comcasts phone service, I switched back to my traditional ( real ) phone company. Comcasts phone service sound quality was poor, I was missing calls , it was just too rediculos for me.

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