Vergennes, Vermont
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Comcast web site refuses to give general product information unless you enter your street address. And, you can't send comments on their web site without entering even more personal information.

If you want to compare their service with others, you can't access the information. They shouldn't have an internet site that doesn't provide consumers with general price information. It isn't a safe feeling to feel forced to enter a street address.

All they should require is a zip code. If your area is blocked out of service, then there should be a notice stating the areas where service isn't available along with the product information.

The Comcast web site is very User Unfriendly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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comcast is the worst company ever when it gets to resolving problems and their custermor service has the rudest and unprofessional people who work there, they will lie to you to keep you there, i had a problem with my phone service for two and half months basically it just didn't work had no dial tone call comcast three times to come and fix it with instruction to call me before hand on my cell to make sure i could have someone there, well needless to say they didn't call and just left a note saying they where there. i called back the third time and finally they followed my instruction and called and had no problem getting in to fixed the phone.

the service man said the phone was not hook up correctly there was a short in the line and he fixed it in about 10 minutes . the week before he came out i talk to adam in custermor service he seen where i had called before and where i had instucted for them to call before they came out so he said to deal directly with him and he would get me a credit for the time i had no phone service just to call him back after the tech came out and fix the phone. well i did and he wasn't in the office as he said he would be well i called back and talk to Angie in Custermor service in the knoxville tennessee office who was just basically very rude so I made the commit about canceling my service and she came across like she really didn't care. I think companies like comcast only think about one thing and thats making the money.

they could care less about you or me. I truely do not understand why comcast believes they can get paid for a service they don't supply for what ever reason, but they do. I made the commit to one of the reps .

Let me just put it this way if you went to a resturaunt and order and meal and they never brought it to you would you pay for it. I don't think so but comcast does they expect you to pay for service you don't get .

signed a very dissatified custermor