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Comcast internet intermittently disconnects and slows to a crawl. Usually it only lasts for a few days.

However the past month the connection is almost useless. Comcast “technical support” told me my Arris 6141 modem had reached “end of life status.” Of course the modem is fine, but it’s on Comcast’s list as no longer allowed on a new connection; so, I plunked down $100 for a new modem thinking they would help then. Nope! After several infuriating, illogical, circular argument conversations they wouldn’t budge off the position that I should call the new modem manufacturer.

I sent $20 to GetHuman and somehow they have scheduled a technician for Saturday. So to get Comcast out here it cost me $120. I can tell you this, Google is installing their network in my area, and when it’s finished, Comcast customers will leave en mass. Comcast can just pull their equipment down and recycle it.

Of course they would never clean-up after themselves. Worst company in the Milky Way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I too have had HORRIBLE dealings with NONCAST-years ago I was slammed(phone added without my consent-couldnt get a HUMAN rep) yet I'm in Philly PA and dishes/fios worse. Alert the media-I got a HUMAN non robot and changed service yesterday APRIL 24. NONCAST continues horror service!!