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We have had Comcast Triple Play for several years, but I am still burned about how we got ripped off and Comcast would not help make it right. I didn't know about this website until now!

Comcast uses 3rd party cons to sell their services. We were supposed to receive a $300. pre-paid Visa card after paying the first 3 months of Comcast service. To get the "reward" we had to submit copies of our paid bills.

So we did. The Miami Mafia group we had to deal with just kept saying "paperwork incomplete", after several submissions so they would not have to pay. Comcast just said it was "not their problem".

Shame on you Comcast!

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Type I have a complaint about failure to provide services offered and agreed to. My husband and I were working with Alex" about a package that would include internet at 200 download and 25 upload speed, preferred plus cable, 220 channels incl NFL and sports and the security system installed (fee waived).

Alex explained that the offer included $600 security products at no charge. The package was two yrs at $175.88 the 1st yr, $188.88 2nd yr - Alex confirmed multiple times that this included all of the above including the fee for the three boxes for our 3 tvs - everything except taxes. We had asked him to call back because my husband is a disabled vet in the VA VocRehab program and they would be willing to pay the internet portion and we were working with our VA rep to see how to do that. On the 3rd night I agreed to the package with Alex.

He read a statement, I confirmed agreement.

Today home security called to schedule installation - they said to my husband that it would be an "additional" $24.95 per month added to our "current" bill. My husband explained that this was a new package and included this fee - they had nothing about a new package.

I have spoken with multiple people at Comcast since 11 am this morning - the regular number, their home security office, etc and no one can find notes on this.

Right after speaking with Lauren – (ID: letter T, then the squiggly line, then open parenthesis) who is a Comcast supervisor with Customer Solutions I found the number that Alex had called from (855-817-7968) and the confirmation number (18013016680566) that he gave me and called Lauren back. Lauren – IN COMCAST CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS could not see the order in the system. So I called the number while on another phone with Lauren. They answered Comcast Online Services - the 1st person could see the order and the pricing but she said it was cancelled and no longer available.

At this point I ended the call with Lauren as it appeared that I had found the right office to help me.

This person again said that she can see the offer but it is not available anymore, my husband had cancelled it and we could no longer be given that offer. Now about this time I am getting pretty disgusted and upset. I again said it was not cancelled and asked (demanded) to speak with a supervisor.

Aron, who is supposed to be a supervisor, was also able to open the file with the confirmation number). He said to me that my husband cancelled the contract today and it is now expired. He saw the offer and what was included. We discussed it.

He said that offer is no longer available, it expired. I explained to him again that my husband did NOT cancel the plan agreed to with Alex. What he did was tell home security that they were attempting to install on the old plan at an add'l rate, not the new one with Alex. My husband said that he did NOT want the security system under the old plan – especially at the additional monthly rate.

The supervisor repeated that is not available anymore because your husband cancelled it - wrong again.

He transferred me to someone whom he said could find a plan that would be equal. Well..., that did not happen. This person said she cannot offer that.

She “might” be able to get it close to that price but I would have to give up services to get it there. I again said that I wanted the plan offered to me and agreed on by me. She also COULD NOT SEE the order in the system.

She then transferred me to customer escalation where I spoke w/ Richie ID 9KY.

I explained it all again - that we did NOT cancel the offer that we had agreed to and we wanted that offer. I gave him the confirmation number and told him that the supervisor (Aron) that I had just spoken with could open the order and see it. I explained that he said the order was, once again, cancelled by my husband – which is absolutely not true. Richie also could not see anything about it stating that there is no order.

And this is now CUSTOMER ESCALATION, and they cannot see the order So, he said that it might have been a 3rd party provider and I stated that they answered Comcast and NEVER said anything but Comcast. They even processed the request to have home security installed so there was an order. He again said that he "might" be able to match the price but I would have to give up services - or just pay more! That is not acceptable!

I feel that Comcast took an order that they knew they could not give with the idea that we would just say oh, ok go ahead and install it - $25 isn't much more. But we DO NOT agree to that. We want what was offered/promised and what we agreed to. We had a contract for that.

Comcast will not let us out of a contract and should honor theirs. If Alex messed up and offered something more than he should have that is not my problem. I accepted his offer and Comcast should honor it. I cannot believe that no one - other than one person and then the supervisor Aron at the 855-817-7968 could find that confirmation number, notes or the details of the order.

The supervisor would not provide the information on where that order was placed from or who placed it. Again, the order was for 200Mpbs download/25 upload, preferred cable with Starz and Showtime, 220 channels with NFL and sports, all the kids programming, the Home Security system monthly fee included with the system installed at no charge and the bonus of $600 in security equipment at no charge. This price included the router and three boxes. The agreement was for two years.

The total price, except for taxes, was quoted at $175.88 the first year, $188.88 the second year and a $20 pr month increase the 3rd year. This order was prepared and submitted by ALEX, And this was seen by Aron who acknowledged it but continued to say that this is no longer offered - we lost it when we cancelled today, which we did not do. WE DID NOT CANCEL THE PLAN CONTRACTED WITH ALEX THIS WEEK. My husband stated to the Home Security office that he did not order or accept home security service as an addition to the plan that we had that was to be changed with this new contract.

I am asking that someone at Comcast find out who Alex is and confirm this order with him. Also that someone contact Comcast to find the details on why the Home Security was setup to be installed on the plan that we were changing and not the new plan that we agreed to. I am also asking that this contract made with Alex (Comcast) be honored – every detail of it from what it includes to the pricing that was agreed to. In fact, they should give us a greater discount for all of the wasted time and unbelievable frustration this has caused us.

I lost a day at work (at the Veterans Benefit Office) today to try to straighten this out. It has also stalled the Veteran’s Vocational Rehabilitation plan that my husband is in while waiting for this to be straightened out. I, as the customer, do not care whether this contract was completed with a “Comcast” representative or a third-party representative. I initially called the main Comcast personal sales office and ended up with this representative (Alex).

I dealt in good faith with him and I expect Comcast to honor his work if they use him to represent and sell services for Comcast. your message here


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