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In short, over the summer I signed up for Comcast's Triple Play package and was quoted both the services I would be receiving and the price I would pay per month (around $120). I signed this agreement/contract for two years, locking the price in.

Now, I receive a letter from them stating that they haven't been charging me enough for my internet service and they want to up my monthly rate by $10! Now, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought a *contract/agreement* was binding under its terms for the duration, as long as both parties agreed to those terms (which, apparently, I and Comcast did). I took this for 2 years to lock the price where it is. To me, if Comcast screwed up the rate, they should eat it! Not my problem that their people can't add properly! The essense of the 2-year was, again, to *lock the price*. I'm bound by its terms, Comcast doesn't think they are?

This is outrageous, and tells me there's no real "contract" in play here, that they will up the rates whenever they feel like it. Are they kidding???

Complete and utter BS, and is probably the last straw for me - I'm going to dump them and head to someone else...

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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i just tried to downgrade my service with comcast and they told me i couldn't because I signed a two year contract. I'm really mad right now.


Just dug up the hard copy of what Comcast sent me for signing up for this...

Return address, oddly enough, is "Comcast Contract Services" in Lawrenceville, GA...hmmmm... CONTRACT Services...

Within the body of the document: "Any alterations to this contract will not be accepted and the contract will be void." (CONTRACT used twice here).

Elsewhere, throughout the document, they refer to "the agreement".

I think an argument as to whether Comcast uses "contracts" is pretty cut-and-dry as they, themselves, refer to this "contract", which is to be mailed or faxed into their "Contract Services" location....


Comcast does not now nor has ever had contracts, they give you a campaign for one year, get your facts straight people


Comcast most assuredly DOES have contracts. Unfortunately they do not correspond with the ad one signs up for.

Or so I have been told by my CS rep. I never remember recieving anything in the mail that looked like a contract to sign, but Rep said one should have been sent out. What was all that stuff I signed when the sales rep was at my house getting me to buy the 2 year contract? So don't believe ads - this is the 2nd time, I got the run around on what the original ad said.

And I have the original ad in my hands right now.

If this contract is not honored I WILL give someone else my business. I've had it.


people expect handouts from comcast. *shakes my head* also, comcast doesnt offer contracts, they are contract free!!! you must be confused.