District Heights, Maryland

Comcast is upgrading its network or so the letter states. That means I need to rent digital boxes from them for each TV in my home.

The reason I stuck with Comcast all these years is because my digital ready TVs didn't need a box.

The service hasn't been great, but I can make a neat clean connection to a flat panel. Apparently they've figured out how to "fix" that at my expense.

I don't want the upgrade, I don't need the upgrade, and I don't want to pay more than I already am!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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I just got the digital adaptors and cable box. Now my t.v that uses the digital adaptors does not display close caption properly.

My mother who is deaf uses that T.V. I called comcast and was switched around put on hold and disconnected on numerous occasions. Then I was told it wasn't their fault, it was Toshiba's fault. Finally someone at comcast told me that the dta does not effectively allow digital transmission and the affected tv would need a box to get caption.

They agreed to credit me the price of the box if I called customer service every month. Well at least now I do get close caption on that tv .


Just had to install 6 digital adapters to maintain service/channels in my home. Most of my tv's hang on walls so within days the cheap velcro provided doesn't work and the boxes fall from the wall.

Get's better. My tivo dual tuner won't work any more and the 4:3 ratio stated above is a complete disaster for all the high end TV's i currently have. I'm switching to Verizon this is sickening.

Not to mention i have to pay for their "upgrade" and for installation. By the way, customer service barely spoke english and tried to sell me the comcast recorder rather than help me fix the tivo issue.


Here's the kicker. I just got the new box for the "upgrade" in service.

Before the box I could get several stations with 16:9 aspect ratio on my new high def TV. All I had to do was plug straight in to my TV. After installing the box all channels were in the old stadard TV size of 4:3 ratio.

The solution provded by Comcast? Pay $8 more a month to get HD service.

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