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I have attempted to settle my final bill after terminating service with Comcast for over three months but have been unable to get resolution with well over a half dozen unhelpful customer service representatives. I am owed a partial refund of service for the MLB Extra Innings package, which I paid for completely in advance but did not receive the full year's service. At least two representatives agreed with me, and one told me I would be mailed a check for the net credit on my account, but I never received the check. Instead, I received a bill with no mention of the credit to which I am entitled.

I have wasted many hours over many phone calls speaking with reps and supervisors. Some say they will look into whether or not I am owed a refund and promised to call back when they completed their research. I have been promised three such calls back, but I have not received a single one. I asked for a direct number for one rep and left a message following up, but I never heard back from her. Two representatives have said I deserve a refund but apparently did nothing to ensure I get it. One or two said I should not get a refund (they did not specify a reason) but would have someone follow up, which of course never happened. I can only assume they figure I will eventually give up and pay their incorrect billing figure, when in fact Comcast owes me money.

The amount of money I am owed is not large, but I simply cannot stomach accepting this level of atrocious service and paying some incorrect bill. I hope someone at Comcast will read this note and respond to me. My account is 8798 30 001 0361973.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I think it would be helpfull if you posted what city and state you are located in for local reaction in you service area.


Got some bad news for you...under the terms of their contract with the MLB, comcast probably isnt able to issue a credit to you. so you can keep calling, but my guess is that the credit is never going to happen regardless of the fact that you didnt get the service for the whole season.


You need to go to and find out about Comcast's executive service or contacts.

Also try the blog comcastmustdie for more contact info. In the past it seemed like folks posting there got quick attention to their concerns.

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