Seattle, Washington
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I used to work for Comcast in the Business Services division in Washington State. And yes, Comcast rips off it's business customers by charging some customers double the going rack rate for high speed internet.

The leadership of Comcast is not customer friendly, but forces the sales employees to sell the customer what the company wants, not what the customer needs.Buyer beware. I hate Comcast because After sale customer support is lacking, false and misleading sales practices, and poor employee morale.

I have sent this information to several broadcast stations and have written proof. Do not use their business services.

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Because you worked for comcast in washington, maybe you can help me. I had three conversations with comcast regarding making my home number unlisted.

All three times they said no problem. I have now had the same number at 2 different homes. They keep publishing my number. Now I have a violent convicted felon with my address.

I made many calls to comcast asking for a supervisor. finally after 3 days i got a call back. they denied that I ever requested to have my number unlisted. Now I'm stuck with my family's safety at great risk and no way to prove that I had previous conversations.

Can you help me from and insider point of view.

I'm about to get my attorney involved because this situation is that serious. I'm wondering if there are more people in washington state that are willing to make alot of noise with me.

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