Washington, District Of Columbia

I just wanted basic cable, they made an appointment, tried to charge me for a high def box, which I did not want, got that off the bill, they showed up 2 hours late, cut my phone line and made a mess out of it, never installed the cable, the installer gave me a fake number to call him on, the customer service person took my complaint, and they never called back to fix my phone line. Then, they showed up without an appointment when I wasn't home and could not explain why they came.

RCN and Verizon are not better. What can a consumer do when the company's are writing their own regulations. Complaining to the FCC is not effective.

I will never get cable. All of the companies are crooked.

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We have been told by management their goal is 70% outsourced jobs - Unbelievable!!!! Just wait til they start giving tax credits to company's who Insource and I guess they'll have to pull the jobs back? Comcast is a greedy company increasing prices outrageously and doing nothing to helping provide American jobs....


Call the Public Service Comission in your state. This is the regulating agency for cable and telephone company services as well as other services.

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