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We recently bundled all services with Comcast. An essential service was fax since our business is in our home.

We are unable to fax long distance and have been told by the tech who came to our home they cannot help us. It is their system that does not work but...too bad for us. It is a real mess...they now have our telephone system tied up.

When they were originally installing everything we were without phone service for 5 days...were told three times someone would be out and no one showed up. This is a slimy company....stay away.

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We wanted to switch to digital service. Sounds simple enough, huh?

Sixteen calls later - SIXTEEN - and seven - SEVEN - service calls later, our service is still hit or miss.

If there was any other cable company in our area, we would switch in a New York minute - even if it costs more for fewer channels. Comcast sucks!

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