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I as a senior citizen am really upset over the latest stunt Comcast has pulled on it's customers. Here in Peoria, Il.

Comcast has the monopoly over the airwaves. The first bone head move was to come out with the "black box" or digital adapter which you must have to recieve the Comcast signal on your set.It cost the customer 2.99 a month and you must also use your electricity to run it. The latest stunt was to eliminate the tv guide channel! Now , Comcast claims it is not their fault, however there are options.

1, you can use your smart phone to access the guide the problem with this is who wants to spend that kind of time looking up what is on the television? How many of us old people have those phones that talk to you? 2, you can use your computer to look at the line up however same deal as problem number one with the added problem that they tell you straight up they use cookies for this! I am sorry but the only cookies I like are the ones that go with a cold glass of milk, 3, You may of course subscribe to Comcast and for $5.00 dollars a month, you can get a paper guide.

4, when you call Comcast 98% of the time, you get someone from a 3rd world country that talks to fast and with broken English! This of course is the way to go for most of us older people. My question and chief complaint is where does it end? Comcast constantly changes their channel packages to get the most money out of customers and with all the economic trouble and limited income, I am now forced into looking at getting "ROKU" boxes.

I believe there is a better solution and challenge The great Comcast machine to do the right thing. I also have had 4 lengthy outages since I have complained. Is this retrobution?

I will not stay with them much longer. Like I said, "where does it end"

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Dear Mr. skunk, thanks to you I have read many books.

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Maybe you should just read a book?


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