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The new requirement from Comcast digital cable is a rip-off. Comcast or the new call xfinity now are requiring the use of their cable box for every TV in your house. My family started with Comcast cable many years ago. They are offering two cable boxes per client which means now I need to rent a TV cable box and they are charging $2 dollar extra per month. My main TV has split TV which means I need now a box for my VCR plus a cable box for every other TV. For example, if you have a four bedroom house with TV in every bedroom and one in the living room and one in the kitchen (hopefully, you do not have one in the garage). You will have to rent 3 or 4 cable boxes after the two extra they give you. Nowadays most people have their main TV in the living room with all kind of equipment. This is 8 extra dollars a month that turns into $96 a year extra that I did not have to pay before. Plus their taxes you will end up paying over $100 dollars a year. We are definitely planning to change cable companies. Gladly here in Houston we have more options to change cable companies. You could go satellite TV if Comcast cable is the only company in your city.

An unhappy customer

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Here's what you should know if you want a vacation stop on your service.

After slogging through two live chats in search of a vacation disconnect option - it certainly isn't listed on any Comcast web site - I was finally informed that Comcast does, in fact, offer such a thing. The call center drone, Rodrigo, gave me a number to call to "take care of it". Naturally when I called that number I ended up talking to a guy on the East coast. I live in CA. Mr. East Coast, Morgan, gave me the CA call center number and when I asked him if it would take me straight to a live human being he lied and said yes. After calling it and slogging through the phone tree twice, guessing (again) which number might actually take me to the right department, I spoke with Charles. He had to go ask someone about the Seasonal Disconnect, which it turns out is now called something else. When he came back he said it wasn't available in CA!

So I'm quitting Comcast cable service while I'm gone. I'll take them their precious cable box, which is three times the size of the ones they offer in Oregon, and the remote that goes with it. When I come home I'll pay the $5 reconnect fee and resume service. When I pointed out how difficult Comcast makes it to get anywhere with a request, Charles offered me a $10 discount for 6 mos. on internet service.

This officially makes Comcast many times more difficult to deal with, let alone save money when you're going on vacation, than my local paper, garbage service, or Netflix. Like Comcast, none of these businesses have any local competitors where I live, but unlike Comcast they offer easy service and live human beings to talk to the first time you call. I guess that's because they're all too small to lobby Congress for lax regulation, or employ their spouses and kids.

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