After using the same e-mail address for over 10 years Comcast in all of their life enhancing customer service skills just decided to turn it off. From what I understand, you can't have a Comcast e-mail address if your not spending money with Comcast.

OK I wish someone would have told me that. I mean I've only been using that e-mail address for over seven years after canceling my Comcast service.

So without warning or the ability to make any arrangements they just switch it off. Isn't there a law against hijacking someones information, or holding it hostage for money.

Store Location: Saginaw, Michigan

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This is why, in spite of having had Comcast service for going on 10 years, I have never used an ISP-dependent email address...Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many others are available that do not depend on your having a certain ISP. They must have cleaned up their loose ends and found your account that way.

That said, being both a former employee and longtime customer of Comcast, I can say their ethics are abysmal and if not for the fact that they enjoy a monopoly on internet access in York, PA, I would ditch them forever.


really. If you were using the email for that long, you simply are one that slipped through the cracks, cause your email is shut off with your account BECAUSE IT IS A FREE SERVICE.

Are any of you people educated at all.

I swear most of you have a degree in whining and ignorance. Can't follow simple instructions either


If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. Call Retention Department to get discounts.


Comcast is not liable for stupidity. Why should they offer you a free email address if you aren't paying for their service anymore. Thats common sense which it shows you clearly lack..