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I ordered the Comcast Triple Play Option for my 79 Year old motherwho just moved in to a new HUD subsidized low income elderly apartement. Deal was supposed to be for $99 per month for 2 years contract. Had to also pay $7 per month for a modem for the Internet Service. Total per month was supposed to be $106. I agreed to pay $34 per month for installation for a first months bill of $140. Subsequent months would be $106. The deal included free HBO for six months and free DVR Service for six months. Special online ordering offer was for a $200 Visa Cash Card. I printed out the Order confirmation that verified all of this information.

One week after Comast installed the Cable Box, Phone, and Internet Modem, they sent my Mother a bill for $254 dollars rather than the $140 on the order confirmation. When we called Cust Service guy ("Dave") said they do not give away 6 month free HBO or DVR Service (really? check their website: "Triple Play Option"). They also had to charge an activation fee of $29.99 for the Phone and another Installation fee of $50 on top of what was on the order confirmation.

When I said that I had the order confirmation printed out as Comcast suggested I should do when I placed horder, he said they do not send order confirmations from the order website or by mail....even though I was looking at one in my hand! I told him that they could come pick up the equipment and cancel the order. He then proceeded to work on the problem which apparently meant he would put me on hold for thirty minutes several times while he "checked with his supervisor". Each time he came back and offered to credit Mom's account for one extra charge at a time: first the second "installation charge". then when I would not agree with just that credit, he offered to credit her for three months HBO, then 3 months of HBO twice, then credit for the "free"6 -month DVR Service. Finally I got him to agree to eliminate all the extra charges.....took about two hours.

Then I asked him to confirm the monthly bill amount and it had jumped from $99 plus $7 to $148 per month and he said he could not find any "Triple Option Plan" in the Comcast sytem. So I again told him to come get the equipment and cancel the order since they refused to honor their own offer and order confrimation. So he then went away for another 15 minutes (put me on hold) and came back and said they would honor the $106 per month.

So then I thanked him and aksed him if they would rebill for the correct amount and he said, "No, you have to pay the full $254 since you already have that bill. Then he would see that she got credited for all those extra charges. I said I would do that if he confirmed in writing everything he agreed to credit and he said he could not do that. I would have to take his word on it but I could trust him because he had been workjing there for years and knew all the tricks. Except he doesn't apparently know what Comcast offers new customers for signing up i.e. Triple Play Option. Then he added if Mom did not pay the $254 on the original incorrect bill, she would forfeit the promised $200 Visa Cash Card.

Once again, I told him that I wanted the account cancelled and I wanted to speak to a supervisor and he said supervisors don't take customer calls but he would talk to his supervisor and call me back to tell me how they were going to make everything right and honor the order confirmation.....without putting anything in writing which would get him fired. That was three days ago and no one has ever called us back.

I've since read many customer complaints that Comcast has been using this same "bait and switch" scam for at least two years, they are under investigation in 21 states, have been successfully sued in small claims court where they apparently fold and settle before any actual court procedures. I have been advised that this is apparently part of Comcast's business plan, to cheat and lie and count on older people who don't undertand scam artists and cheating to knuckle under and pay all the extra fees.

Well, they've messed with the wrong 79 year old lady this time! I'll see that company investigated and see someone fired before I'm done with them! This company has no shame and no integrity. The only thing I don't know is how far up it goes. But I will find out if I have to write a thousand letters to local and state government, and every officer and member of their board of directors. As well as the millions of copies of this complaint as I can send out over the web!



May 29, 2012

"Dave" at Comcast Customer Support

Order Number 8497900011590761 dated may 9, 2012. Installation May 22, 2012

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I've been waiting since June 6th for the $250 Visa gift card and I've been calling since then trying to get the card. I need it for groceries.

I keep getting told it will be sent out in 4 to 6 weeks.

Nothing received. Now I've contacted someone online and told them I'm going to get the Better Business Bureau, Forbes Magazine, the FCC and even the local news and ask them to do an investigative report on Comcast/Xfinity.


I kind of knew that this would happen: My mother never received the promised $200 Gift Card that they said she would receive after 3 months payments. So she called and talked to "Alex".

Seems she was disqualified because she changed the terms of the contract: she fought back against all of the added installation charges and false permium charges for free service that boosted her contacted monthly bill from $106 per month to $245 per month! We got the false charges straightened out a the local Xfinity office and when she told him that he camne back with "there was never a gift card in the contract". She said we had the online order receipt and it was on there so then he came back with "yeah but you never actually signed it so it's not legal". Wanna bet!

I had her record it and we'll see what the District Attorney and the State Trade Commission thinks! I wonder if the CEO Roberts has an elderly mother who's still alive and what he would do if someone was screwing her over and playing these kind of bullying games with her.


when having issues with a utility company such as comcast, or verizon, or anyone, look at your bill, and you will find a number for the FCC and your local PUC... call them and file a complaint. It goes to corporate, and the issue WILL get solved.


I gave it one more try and called to talk to another online rep to try and confirm all the credits I was promised by "Dave". As I figured, he pulled up the account and there was only one credit given for the double installation charge. Everything else he promised was not there. BUT this new rep suggested that I take the order confirmation and the bill to the local Comcast office and talk to them about it.

So I took time off from work, took the paperwork and my mother to the Comcast office in Colorado Springs. After waiting for 45 minutes, we talked to "Kelli", explained the situation, showed her the paperwork. She shook her head and within fifteen minutes had everything corrected to the original order, everything that we agreed to, plus gave her an additional number of channels (for six months) to repay mom for her trouble!

I was very pleased with Kelli's knowledge and professionalism and told her that it sounded like she had seen this kind of problem before. She said that was the same kind of billing problem/online rep problem that she had already seen 10 times that morning! She said that she advises all of her store customers to only work with reps in the store and NEVER try to order services or resolve problems with the online customer service system.

So that is my advice: online work with your local Comcast/Xfinity office when dealing with Comcast. It's like dealing with a completely different and acceptable service company. Maybe it's not so much that Comcast is a bunch and liars and scam artists so much as they are just totally screwed up, at least in terms of customer service (online). I'm no CEO, but I would fix it before I lost more business. But that's just me, a professional engineer with a MBA in Finance/Accounting. what would I know?


brian_roberts@comcast.com is email address of CEO of Comcast


I placed an order for Comcast cable as well and never received the promised VISA gift card not to mention the actual cost of doing business with Comcast is outrageous.


Good job keep up the good work we have to hold these money grubbing liars responsible when they steal from us. This is why i refuse to buy cable.

I don't trust any of them.

They can just make up charges and tack on fees whenever they want. Excellent job asking for the credit in writing you and I both know they never would have honored it.