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EVERY AND I MEAN EVERY year Comcast raises my bill even though I am told every year that you have to be on a two year contract to protect the rate. So in December of 2017 to get a lower rate I had talked to a Michael , and noted on my bill the date and time I talked to him and he signed me up for a 2 year contract from 12/17 to 12/19.

And of course when the billing came everything discussed was not reflected in the billing so called back talked to Nicholas noting date and time and he looks it up and says he sees the contract but the corrections to the billing will be on the next billing. Yup we all know that did not happen. I should have know Comcast only employees people trained to lie to you. It took 4 months to get that billing down to where it was suppose to me on the contract.

So wouldn't you know in December of 2018 at the end of the 1st year of my supposed contract I who my the way is a smart and intelligent senior citizen, gets a bill with an increase of over $50 a month and of course all their little sneaking additional charges went up as well, so called pretty mad as I was just at the end of the first year of my contract, so called again, and just knew I had a fight ahead of me to get my billing corrected. Well, know I know to not only get the name of whom I am talking with but also their badge no or ID number, not that it helps much. When I called I was told it went up because I did not have a "2 year contract" !!!! I gave them the names and dates for the two gentleman that were obviously liars that said they put me on a 2 year contract to lower my billing amount (which by the way after4 months of getting the bill to the correct contract amount) was billed the contract amount for the rest of the year until this Dec 2018, which now they say I do not have a contract.

So I have fought this for three months, one person says they can go over the phone conversations to verifiy my complaint but never do. The last time I call I wanted to talk to a supervisor and it took them an hour to get one on the line, ending up she was no better. I have all the names I talk to dates, and recently ID or badges numbers. The supervisor was going to check things out and call me back but we all know that never happened either.

But the day I talked with her I asked her outright what was the exact amount I owed as of the March 2019 billing, she told me $47.48 which I paid right then and there and then my next bill should have been 157.31 and I get a bill for 323.60. So mad, I went on line to get a copy of my contract that now was suppose to be in place from 2018 to 2020 and cannot even find a place to print it off as I know I will need proof at the end of this year. This recent episode with them started with a CALL IN December and is a bigger mess still and I cannot even get a copy of my recent billing. Funny thing in my more than 20 calls to comcast over this issue you mention you are going into the comcast office and then they say no you have to deal with them on the phone.

Service is terrible, when I moved hear like others I could not keep my phone number that I had for 20 years, and then they changed the number they gave me without telling me. My son called and said Mom do you know your house phone number is indicating your disconnected. Called Comcast and was told it must have been an error that I was not notified, but the new number they gave me belonged previously to dead beats and I get harrassing phone calls for the people who use to have it saying they will send the police to my house if I do not give them a payment or information to find these people. I do not know of anybody who would recommend Comcast as a service company, but we only have them or one other source.

So most of us are stuck with numb nuts Comcast.

I really wish there was a way to sue them for out and out lies, uncorrected billings and absolutely terrible service. I have never heard anyone say something good about this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Comcast Cons: Anything to do with dealing with comcast.

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If you're so smart, like you claim above, why are there so many errors in your post? Simple errors at that......SMH


The truth comes out at the end of your review, you’re a dadbeat - pay your bills, it’s a simple thing, Comcast employees want to earn money at their jobs, that money comes from customers that pay their bills and those customers get good service, not deatbeats like you, pay your bill Ps take some English classes to improve your horrible grammar