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Comcast removed my digital channels as well as some other analog ones under the guise of an upgrade. I bought digital tvs so I could get the digital signals before the big dtv conversion.

Now they tell me that I need extra boxes or converters to get the channels back. I lost almost half of my channels but I am sure that my bill will not be reduced. This is BS because I was already receiving the digital channels. This is just a ploy for them to slide in an extra piece of equipment that seems reasonable, at first.

They are just attempting to get more money from their customers.

Their service is really not that great and they are forcing customers to eventually pay more. It is ironic that they preach customer service only to *** on the customers that have been loyal for many years.

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It is very annoying....I have visited many other areas that do not have Comcast, and there are NO other areas that require a separate box for each TV like this horrible company. You can only get a few stations without a box, and only some of the stations with an adapter box that is a few bucks a month (each), and only the expensive box for all stations. Convenience sucks you in, especially with the internet service and the pain that it is to change e-mail stuff if you dump Comcast.

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