San Jose, California

Last week I recieved a bill for this months car payment. I opened it to discover it showed me still owing for last months payment.

I knew I sent the payment through my bill pay. I called my bank. After a few minutes the person said my payment got sent to Comcast. Not only was my creditors name on the account, but the account number as well.

It hhad gone to the wrong address. Comcast recieved the money, saw that it had someone elses name and account number and cashed it. They never called me . I have been strung along promised to be called back and the end result......

I had to finally call up again, settle for part of the money back and I (this is the *** part)have towait 3to 4 weeks to get my money back.This company is so unprofessional and lacks any type of integrity. Jon-Paul Magan

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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lol who do you bank with so I can make shure I dont use them. :grin

Assonet, Massachusetts, United States #87470

You're a retard, how is this Comcast's problem? All they see is their acct number and the amount from the bank.

The bank didn't tell them it was for your car payment and they wanted to make a quick buck and put it towards your account. Quit wasting everybody's time and quit being a freaking ***!


What does you bank have to say?

I would think that they bank could handle Comcast for this much easier than you and I would definitely try that route.

I worked at a bank for years and years and the bank should have caught this error before it was ever deposited into Comcast's account.

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