Boston, Massachusetts

My elderly and mentally unstable aunt wanted to have Netflix but cannot use a computer. soooo I spent the 80.00 bucks for a netflix/etc.

box and took 3 hours of my time to let comcast installl wireless in her apt. Well, she decided to have verizon take over her service and install their equipment etc. and she canceled comcast soo they needed to pick up their box, They took theirs and mine. Comcast said there sub contractor did it.

No calls back... etc etc etc... I am so mad.

What do I do????please share whatever infor you have to help me get the $ and box back.

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You would need to show proof that the box was stolen. Did you see the contractor take it?

Have you filed a police report? If not it needs to be done in a timely manner or it means nothing.


Nice comment 'DUH'. So you think that the contractor, who obviously has years of experience, mistook a Netflix box for comcast owned hardware?

Sorry. This is clearly a case of the Comcast person taking advantage of that customer. The Comcast rep clearly stole her property, and a theft report should be filed with the local police.

It is the only way to get any satisfaction. If you walked into Comcast head office and stole a piece of their equipment, I expect you would be arrested, and charged very quickly.


You should not have left your senile aunt alone to meet with the Comcast contractor when they came to get their equipment. This is when someone would have spoken up and said "hey, that's our box, not comcast's".

I'm sure it was just a mistake by the contractor. Your insane aunt needs a 24/7 care provider.

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