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Cable Companies like timewarner and comcast

Only the airlines make us similarly unhappy.

Why is that?

Part of the problem may be the absence of competition.  The major cable players - Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision – agreed to divide up the country among themselves.  They do not compete in any of the top 25 metropolitan areas except New York (and there's a little competition in DC). The cable companies raise rates at will and mistreat their customers because the customers have no where else to go.

I'm doing this while I am on hold, been on hold off and on since 6pm it is now 10pm talked to 6 people and been disconnected once this all started at 3pm yesterday when comcast changed their line up They say my problem will not be fixed for 5 to 7 days and now they want me to pay for an other box. they won't let me use a box while they fix the problem I have to pay for the box for one month.

P.S. I just got discounted again!

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Monoply would mean you have absolutely no other choice when in fact you do. You can go back to AOL and call DTV.

Then you would have 56k and no TV at all when it rains or snows. If you want to complain about price hikes start calling the networks.

Or not call for a service call when your dog chews through your cable line,or when your kid kicks there feet under the desk and unplugs the modem,and stop digging in your yard knowing you have burried lines,or you watch a DVD and 4get to change the input back to cable,or ur remote stops working and u havent checked the batteries,or ur pc still runs win98 and u cant get online,or ur TV wont power up but u just assume its the cable.

Now seriously I see alot of these on here not that any the above you have done in your life but you wonder why the cable bill keeps moving up those are just a few of the reasons.

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