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I moved to a new city. I needed a land line phone & ISP service. (NO cable TV). I had never used COMCAST. I looked providers up on the net. There were.. 2 - the local phone company &...COMCAST.

COMCAST was offering a "deal" on ISP service, $39.99 a month. I called. They were snotty & rude - mostly that slovenly "I don't give a *** attitude most people in business seem to give today. I told them about the offer they'd sent ME. "OH! NO! It's $80 a month!"

I had it printed out right in front of me! NO! The $40 rate was for RETURN customers only. I said that their ad didn't mention that. "$80 a month! You're a new customer!" "So, I'm a NEW customer to COMCAST & you're going to charge me DOUBLE the rate? I'm NOT paying that! Is this how COMCAST treats NEW customers??" *** says, "FINE! Bye!" & hangs up.

The local phone company hooks me up for $60 a month & who shows up at my door? COMCAST installation guy! "Where ya want da cable?" I say get lost. He asks if he has the right address. I say yeah....but NOT for cable!

Friday I get a call from COMCAST PR lady. (WOW! Sugary sweet! Dripping honey! I could have become a diabetic!) "Oh, 'somebody' made a mistake! We're SOOOOO sorry about this misunderstanding. Of COURSE we'll give you cable for $39 a month! Of....COURSE! When would you like it installed??"

"Too late. I went with the phone people. I don't need cable." She went on for FIFTEEN minutes about how WONDERFUL COMCAST was! I told her, "Yeah! I've already discovered how you treat people....especially new customers!"

"Well,", she minced, "I'll call you back in a week or two to see how you're doing."

I turned on my answering machine! I will avoid COMCAST like the PLAGUE in the future! BAD business. BAD!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Their sales people are terrible. Have no people or sales skill.

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