Delray Beach, Florida
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August 5, 2013

In May 2013 I contacted Comcast to inform we were moving to a new address and I wanted to stop service at the old address and start it at the new address.

1 They cut my service off 1 week ahead of schedule

2 To fix that problem they created a new account after calling and getting transferred twice

3 We scheduled a service technician to install our TV and Internet at the new address, Comcast customer service advised the technician would call 1/2 hour before arrival. He showed up at my house then called me and said he don't know nothin' about what the customer service rep said about calling me

4 The technician, who was on loan from Georgia (We are in Florida) showed up with Non HD equipment saying that non HD was the only equipment they had right now. He told me to call customer service to get HD boxes.

5 More calls and waiting for up to 25 minutes I got Comcast to schedule another technician to come with the right equipment and install it. It worked for 24 hours and then because the tech did not activate the box it failed. It another long phone call to get it fixed.

6 A collections agency started calling me at work and sending collection notices stating that Comcast had turned my account over to collections (Comcast stated I had a $271.00 credit due)

7 I contacted Comcast and spoke to an Arian who said to fax proof that I had turned in all Comcast equipment, luckily I made the tech sign for everything

8 I called Comcast just to be sure my account was OK and was assured it was

9 I got another collection letter today for $513.18 for equipment I turned in to Comcast on 5/14/13.

10 I recorded the amount of phone time with this ordeal and it adds up to just under 4 hours! Add the technician visits and it totals 6.

11 When I called Comcast the customer service rep refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor and hung up on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I totally feel for you. I found it impossible to even get through to them to disconnect my service.

Finally after 2.5 hrs and multiple phone calls, transfers and waiting someone finally said they were disconnecting it. However two days later, it's still connected and we're still being billed.

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