Bloomington, Indiana

This Company is, in a word, shadey. They are deceitful and money-grubbing, and it amazes me that they get away with ripping off millions of people on a daily basis.

They provide faulty equipment, and then charge you to come fix or collect it. Their 'techs' are corrupt and shady: Our last tech even said he was going to lie on the sheet about the cable wire count, so that he could get paid more, promising it would not affect us. They limit internet and affect connectivity, their shadiness is unrivaled.

They control a monopoly on communications in my small college town, and rip off young families and students for profit! Corruption, Greed, and Poor business practices must be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Walsh, you sir are an ***. You are complaining because Comcast could not provide you with Snuff movies?

Get a life. You are disgusting.


I agree 100% and it doesn't sound like things have changed since I dumped them in 2001.

Where to begin with my troubles with them. I'm in Michigan. Back in 1998 they ran an ad saying you could order the Playboy channel for 99 cents. It was a Tax Day promotion they were running. This was back in the day where you had to call the 800 number for pay-per-view and stuff.

I called and waited, and waited for something to come on the TV. Nothing!! I flipped up and down the channels as I was new at the time to the city. As it turned out, my city DID NOT carry Playboy at the time.

I called the local Comcast customer service number. Told the girl what happened not to be charged the extra $1. She said for some reason the channel wasn't in my area and apologized for it.

The next month I get the bill in. I see not only 99 cents for Playboy charged to me but also $10 for Spice which I DID NOT order!! I called to complain. This rep. swore to me up and down that I DID have Playboy in my area. I said "madam, as we speak I am flipping through the channels again. there is nothing here". She still refused to believe that. I said she could come here to see for herself or send out a tech to confirm it. She of course refused that and it was all taken off the bill.

I was always the pro wrestling guy. I would get WWF, WCW, and ECW each pay-per-view. Each ppv would come on, then flick on and off, then go out totally. I had to call them to get the shows back on and missed matches! This happened almost every time! First they tried to say maybe my bill wasn't on time and paid in full. I corrected that excuse by paying in full each month. Then they said it was due to what's called a "bullet signal" to stop the black boxes. The problem was never corrected.

In Dec. 2000 I wanted to charge the bill to free up cash for Christmas gifts. I spoke to a rep. She told me it was "all set". A few weeks later I got a bill in the mail saying I was past due and now billed for two months!

I got a hold of the area GM. She said "Oh I'm sorry sir. They didn't close out the process. There's no excuse for that". Think they would have given me free cable? Nope. I had to give her the credit card info again.

At that time I got a hold of my regional cable comission to file a report. The head of it was no help. He told me to "just switch" to another company if they were giving me so much trouble. I told him I wanted them held accountable. He was wishy washy and said they only had meetings when there was complaints or new businesses to discuss. He said he'd call me after the first of the year (2001) to attend a meeting. To this day I'm still waiting for that call back. LOL.

Finally it was during WWF SummerSlam 2001. The ppv went out again on me. That was it. I dropped them for WOW Cable. To this day I've never had a problem with WOW.

One day I was making dinner in Oct 2006. Comcast reps came door to door to try and sell me. I told them I'd never go back. The woman tried to tell me they've made "vast improvements". I wasn't sold. Then she casually tells me I still had a $60 balance from 2001. LOL. She said if I switched back they'd waive it. Nope not sold.

When they left I went right on my computer and filed a complaint with the State AG. Several weeks later I got a letter from Comcast showing me a zero balance.

With all the complaints and threats of legal action, I don't know how they're still in business. Now they plan on buying NBC. My guess is, people see and hear all their ads and assume "they must be the best". And they are a monopoly too in some areas. Tons of friends and family would switch to WOW but it's not in their area.

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