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After six phone calls, 2 visits, three hour long chats, they still don't have it right. I don't have your boxes, modems, remotes or any other stuff. All I want is internet service, because you are the only game in town.

If it was not so frustrating, it would be funny.

They are in the computer business, and has, by far, the worst computer software, technicians, workers.

My bill for should be less than $30.00, after three months or trying to get this straight, they tell my bill is $180.00 dollars and I still get cable ( I have Dish) have all thier equipment.

I do not enjoy Comcast.

Don't get me started on the HOA bulk billing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Here's some feedback I recently submitted to Comcast:

I was looking to switch my existing service to a different package based upon one of the xfinity double deals. I was unable to do so.

I called your piece of *** excuse for Customer Service and was told on Sundays the customer loyalty douches are out. I was also told by three different people that they don't handle account changes. You're telling me that a company that touts 24 hour service and has a customer base of millions doesn't have anyone who can process plan changes in on a Sunday (a day where the majority of people who are off work and are likely to call in)? I call ***.

Furthermore, this pass the buck mentality of your customer service needs to stop. I shouldn't have to be transferred three times from one incompetent employee to the next for something as basic as a plan change. *** I finally asked to speak to the manager of a "new plan" employee and laid into him (saying much the same, albeit in a less vulgar manner). When he was at a loss for words about pretty basic questions (the incompetence was pretty astounding here), I canceled my cable service.

Your company is one of the worst I've ever dealt with. You charge a high premium for not much, and when the customer orders something of the simplest transaction, you not only fail to comply, you give a run-around interference pattern that only serves to anger those you service. That's right, in case you fools have forgotten what it is you do, you provide a ***-poor service. I've since gotten a roku and signed up to Hulu, and find that for $7.99 a month, I have a perfectly good substitute to the *** you pedal.

I've also switched to Verizon, and am encouraging everyone I know to do the same.

I have a strong sense that if the regional monopoly agreements were to vanish, you'd have no customers left, and rightfully so. In sum, go *** yourselves.

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