Gadsden, Alabama
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Ever since comcast partnered with xfinity my service has deteriated. computer is slower,getting into the internet during the day is almost impossible.

Cable-lose picture and sound(gets jumbled with squares and broken talking. At times loss of signal(not only one channel but a bunch). Lastley advertisement to buy into their telephone network. With this lousey service why would I.

I feel I am in a monopoly here.

I am tired of paying for poor service and I want it improved. ever since it went to XFINITY total Comcast service is worse and calls to comcast do not make it better, thank you.

Monetary Loss: $137.

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They didn't partner with "XFINITY" because "XFINITY" is not a Company. "XFINITY" is "COMCAST" rebranding their products - like Verizon has FIOS (or had depending on the area) and AT&T has U-VERSE. They aren't seperate companies, just different branding of the services the company provides.

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