Tequesta, Florida

I called up Comcast and spoke to support because my internet was going in and out and we did some basic troubleshooting, such as unplug the modem and all that other bull *** you already know what to do. They had me connect the cable modem directly to my computer because they assumed it was my wireless router.

The woman I spoke to told me it was my equipment and had to route me to Help Desk Signature support which charges you a $39 enrollment fee and $14.95 a month. Now I am speaking to signature support and they could not figure it out so they transferred me back to schedule a service call. When I was transferred back I was unable to schedule a service call because there was an outage in my area. These *** transferred and charged me for enrollment and said they could not refund me because it was already charged.

Also, there was a charge on my bill after I cancelled the support for $14.95 and the girl told me the person I spoke to forgot to cancel the monthly service. So it is our responsibility to call these schmucks when they didn't do something incorrectly. I am trying to get through to billing and I am on hold for 45 minutes and then it hangs up automatically.

Are you kidding me? No wonder why they have loads of bad reviews on this company.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Guess again pal. I'm a former Comcast customer service rep.

The person you were talking to over the phone was probably an Albert Einstein of internet service, new exactly what the problem was and how to fix it. The issue is is that all the calls are recorded and we're not allowed to give opinionated advice or we get in trouble. They use a program called BM Remedy User. The program is scripted, and tells you what to specifically ask the customer and have them do.

Then you click on yes or no to let the computer know if that particular step resolved problem.

If they go thru all the prompts answering no then a tech has to be sent out to your home so they can hit you with that service charge. Customer service reps are not allowed to deviate from what BM Remedy User tells them to.do.

to tinley park, il CAE #682461

You were lied to about the refund. We could apply up to a $25 credit to any account, per day, for any reason we saw fit.

I use to just write down a customers acct # and visit the acct the following work day if a customer was warranted more than a $25 credit. And yes it is your responsibility to call the schmucks when something isn't done right.

If a restaurant serves you some bad food, its your responsibility to send it back. Same difference pal!

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