Hollywood, Florida
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We came home on a Monday to find ALL three products down...the phone, the cable & Internet! We called and were told that there was trouble in the area. Tuesday...still NOTHING, were told they would send someone out on Wednesday...BUT no one came.

Called back and was on cell phone almost an hour wating for resolve...still NOTHING. Called again today (Thursday) and was told we had an appointment from 11-2 and was NOT called to tell us of this!

If they do not resove this today, we will QUIT Comcast and we have two accounts! Darlene A. Martinez/Pissed Customer of 9 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Why do everyone want to place blame in each and every situation?

Ms. Martinez wanted what she pays for. Someone dropped the ball, passed the buck or however you want to put it. Either way it goes she received the runaround.

And as far as you go, Tech, I understand wanting to defend the company you work for, but put yourself in her shoes. Oh yeah. You probably have been in her shoes. Having to wait until someone tell the truth about a situation.

The only thing an customer really wants in a difficult situation is to be told the truth.


Then in the end it wasn't the fault of Comcast. Also, jobs are routed to techs days in advance.

You were gotten to as quickly as possible. Until a tech comes out a csr can only speculate at best, and at times are not given the reason why even in an outage situation. No one lied to you on purpose, nor hid anything.

The tech found the prolem and fixed it, and again, the problem was not fully known to anyone until they -the tech- came out. Instead of complaining about having nothing, you should have looked at what you did have.


It was not a car hitting a pole, a natuural disaster or any such thing! When the Tech FINALLY came out, he said the line had been deliberately cut, probably from someone on the inside.

It took four (4) days and a different reason each day before we were told the REAL truth! Patience is a virture, so is TRUTHFULNESS!!!

Happy Holidays. Dam


It is called an outage and at times it may take a few days to get things back up and running. Especially if there has been a large disaster, or if a pole has been taken down by a tree falling or automobile accident. Wake up and have some patience.

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