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Comcast suspended my service of tv/phone/internet and never sent me a notice, or warning, not even a BILL! I never even got a bill in the mail.

When i called in and spoke to a representative she informed me that that the suspension stands, and I'm at fault. Also that if I view my account online that I'm AUTOMATICALLY signed up to NEVER receive a paper bill and that it is my responsibility to view my account online. BULL!!!

Then she told me that cable/phone/internet is a luxury and its not a necessity and i needed to BORROW THE MONEY FROM A RELATIVE OR FRIEND to have my service turned back on. seriously, are you kidding me?? I asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on. I'm now switching to Verizon. Comcast has the WORST service i've ever dealt with.

Monetary Loss: $290.

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Exactly.You signed up for service, so you knew you had a bill to pay each month.



For some reason Comcast sends 1 bill every 2-4 months.Being your typical busy person I could never understand why I would always get a turn-off notice.

Finally I went to auto-bill pay via my bank so I don't have to worry.I guess Comcast saves 6 or more stamps a year over their customer really base adds up.

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here is a tip - when you register for ANYTHING online there is a service and privacy agreement that you are encouraged to read and you MUST indicate that it was read and that you AGREE with the terms - try READING then you would have full knowledge of what you are registering for.just because you did not get a bill does nto mean you dont have to pay for service - when no bill came and you knew you should have gotten one IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to call the billing department and advise that no bill was received - had you done so (instead of thinking you were getting away with something)you would have been informed that you were enrolled in paperless online billing and you would have had the option to request a paper statment be issued to you.

You chose not to call because you are dishonest and thought you were getting away with receiving services and not paying for them.dishonest people will pay for thier dishonesty - i doubt that you have learned any thing from this experience


What Jeff said know where my money comes from and where it goes and there are those never ending monthly payments that are always the same ..

You honestly believe by saying you did't get the bill that you do not owe.

Geesh!Be 21 for Christs sakes!


Wait you never got a bill and you didn't think to call in to ask what is going on?HA HA HA.

What did you think you would be getting FREE CABLE?:grin "I never even got a bill in the mail." FAIL!!!

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