Hollywood, Florida
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I orderd service on dec 19th they gave me a huge price for installation when I asked why so much they said because I requested a wireless router and that if I had it mailed instead they'd wave me $50 so of course I said mail it then. They told me they couldn't get a tech out til the 28

Th who showed up late and then said he could not install my service because he did not do new wiring ?

So they sent someone else out the next day it got installed but still no router I kept calling they said they no longer mail them? then I asked why they gave me the option that didn't exist they then. Told me its cause. They have a new " gateway box " which is modem/router combo so I Asked them to send me that they said it was on its way a week later I call asking where it is they said my order was canceld then they told me.

Cause I needed to do the third Party verification which they connected me to Spanish then I kept calling they lied me it got shipped yestherday no it got shipped this morning they charged me for over night shipping $30 twice!!! And I just called back and said over night it's been a week where is it? Oh there sorry gateway boxes cannot be shipped because the tech needs to install your phone number in it a tech must bring it u need a. Appt?

But they charged me $60 for shipping?

So all they know how to Do is charge you for *** that you don't even get COMCAST YOU SUCK ..... Thank god I got to cancel cause there full of *** don't fall for there commercials that lady is crying cause she knows she signed up for 2 years of ***!!!!!

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