Bedford, Pennsylvania

A Comcast tech was supose to come out to my house to install the cable between 12-3. He/she NEVER SHOWED NOR CALLED!!!!

I had to call Comcast 3 times and NO ONE KNEW WHERE THE TECH WAS!!!! Two different people ASSURED ME that I would receive a call within 15-30 mins after waiting an additional hour! TOTAL BS!!!!! ....

I NEVER received a call from the tech or from anyone at all to reschedule! TOTALLY RUDE!!!!! The WORST customer service ever! WTF Comcast!!!!!

GET WITH IT! You are a big company! There is NO EXCUSE for such POOR service!.... Even the customer service rep was so POORLY TRAINED!

It was rediculous!!!!!

GET WITH THE FREAK'N PROGRAM. OFFER BETTER SERVICE or LOSE customers/clients left and right!

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Mexico City, Capital District, Venezuela #595837

comcast really sucks *** i know it cause the call center is located in Mexico and the Customer Service Representatives not recive a properly training,CSRs , managers and trainers dont care about the service and treat customers like *** ,if you have comcast and youre reading this do yourself a favor and cancell the service cause is expensive the triple play is *** the internet service always is slow and intermittent the cdv service fails over and over and the cable tv sucks very hard , comcast is caca aguada......

to ex comcast worker Bengaluru, Karnataka, India #598053

I Hate comcast Gabbu Service! Never called me after trying thousand times also!!!


Comcast Business Class. No.


No show, no call no nothing. Wasted my time.

Installer needed but can not be found. Comcast customer service has reach new lows this past year.


Comcast BUSINESS CLASS service offers NO WAY for BUSINESS customers to communicate with Comcast BUSINESS REPS by EMAIL!! How retarded & ***-backwards is that?

What century is this? BUSINESS CLASS is supposed to receive "better" customer service yet they show NO WAY to communicate with the BUSINESS reps by EMAIL.

And, btw, when the 2 Comcast installers first came to the biz address 3 yrs ago to install Internet, they could not find the internet wires & said they needed to cut *** in the wall to find them, & would we give our approval? (What choice did we have but to say Yes? We assumed they knew what they were talking about!) They promised to repair the hole after installation.

So we said OK, we needed the internet service, so do what you need to do. -- So they cut *** in the wall about 1-foot by 1-foot square, near the baseboard. As soon as they did that, the 2nd guy FOUND the wires they were seeking UNDER THE EDGE OF THE CARPET, saying they did NOT need to cut the hole in the wall after all! -- Because they wasted so much time & were obviously on a timed tight schedule, after also installing 1 TV line, they hurriedly left & left the hole in the wall never repairing it as they said they would.

And yes, the Biz Exec Rep (who had set up the contract) was informed re the hole & incompetence if their installers to no avail. They promised to reprimand them or get them better installation training or whatever.

This occurred in N. Florida.


comcast could not care less about quality - they suck ***.




typical CONcast service

Miss Elvira

Totally, totally agree!!!I think they were even voted (I forget by who) as one of the top ten worst customer service for a company.


Please People if a Comcast Business Class Account Executive approaches your business think before you sign anything. Most of the individuals who sell in Comcast do not tell the truth.

This could leave you with a contract and bill. There is an old expression one can run away from someone but one cannot run away from themselves.

I just could not watch these people rip off the customers no longer. :sigh

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