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When I initially tried set up Comcast for my new home it took me calling 3 times to get it set up, hung up on twice....*** me should have been my sign. I am now in my new place, they shipped me 3 cable boxes for my 3 t.v.'s and now 4 hours later they still are not working.

I tried the online activation, then the automated activation and then talked to the customer services....

6 service people later and hung up on twice I still do not have my cable working or a date for a service tech to come to my home. I am done!!!!

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My goodness I sooooooooo now how your feeling! Just got this *** *** service 4 days ago and nothing but frustrastion!

Im seending their *** back smashed into peices! yes this is how I feel lol!

Then when you call customer service it justed *** you off more because you can totally tell they are reading off that peice of paper and if one more freakin person tells me to uplug my cable box and wait 30 secs to plug back in or im going to send a refresh signal to your box im going to snap! RANT DONE!

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