Orange City, Florida
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I have had Comcast for about 1 year and a 1/2 in FL. And I have called them about problems with my internet at least 17 times.

And each time they fix it and 2 days later it's not working again. It's gotten to the point of me not even acting friendly on the phone anymore. They never come out to look at it, they claim that there's something wrong with my computer. Then they change it up and say it's because we don't have a USB wireless adapter.

Which is dumb because we get internet now and then. So because they don't want us to leave they give us a small discount on the bill. Which is the only reason why I still have Comcast to this day. I wouldn't recommend Comcast just because all of the *** I went through and still going through with them.

I will probably drop them as soon as I think the discount isn't enough. ( Probably in a month)

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I was on Yahoo and there was a article for the worst companies in USA. And I looked at the picture and I see a picture of the white vans with the Comcast logo on it.

So I clicked and Comcast is listed as #4 on the list! I just laughed and said "Ya *** right!"


Comcast CEO email address :( :grin 8) :p


i have the same problem and now i am fighting them over my bill they gave me the so sorry your internet isnt working discount told me 18.88 was my bill I paid 18.88 and now they say I didnt pay my bill in full I paid every penny they told me to,..... I hate comcast!!!!

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