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After calling Comcast to change my services, I was successful. But now that I have switched to WOW and want Comcast services shut off they are saying I am not authorized on the account.

My husband has told them TWICE that I am authorized. My husband works long hours and has me handle the bills and such for that reason. Now my husband is going to have to come home and talk to their *** AGAIN! Their prices keep going up after we get the bill knocked down it just goes right back up again.

Their customer service is HORRIBLE and people there must not have to do their job. That's funny, last I checked when you go to work you actually have to work. But apparently not at this place. So I guess if you want a job where you can slack off all day Comcast would be a great place for you to work.

This is why we are cancelling the services. They are ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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