Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Not resolved

I have had repeated problems with comcast for 9 mos. No phone for at least a week out of the month for 3 months straight, including them porting my number to a unknown person (then having problems getting it back).

extremly slow internet, pixilated picture on tv, service blaming problems on splitters they had previously installed, service saying all was fine, service not showing up for scheduled appointment and not even calling. service reps saying they would get to the bottom of the problem and call me, then never calling me back. service telling me there is a problem in my area and they would fix it within days (that one was weeks ago). that same serviceman unpluged my phone (without telling me) and drove away, no paperwork, no comment, nothing!

How do they stay in business?

This has been elevated to the corporate level and still no results. I can't wait for FiOs to come to my area!

Michael Wessner in PA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I think Comcast is only interested in selling subscriptions as it seems that is where they put most of their effort into, forget about service when things go wrong.


I tried Comcast phone and dumped it after a couple of weeks. Went back to the " real " phone company that has been here for decades. Similar so called " problem " with porting my phone number. I was lucky my " Real " phone copany got it back for me.

My Comcast internet usually works quite well, until something goes wrong. They always tell me it is " My Equipment " but every time it is " THEIR Equipment " which can take days or weeks of missed appointments, mis-diagnosis and solving of the real problem.

When I went back to my " Real " phone company after such a bad experience with Comcast telephone service, I also subscribed to DSL with the Phone Co. for only 19.95 per month as this will come in handy next time my Comcast internet service goes out of order and I have to wait who knows how long before they will finally admit " they " have a problem and restore my service.

Yep, the traditional " copper wire " phone line from the phone company never sounded better after my experience with Comcast phone service. DSL is pretty good too at 19.95 per month. It's a good back-up for when Comcast goes down.


had all the same problems, no suprise.

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