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My husband and I have been Comcast customers for a number of years off and on. I haven't posted anything about Comcast until now because they really pissed me off!

So here's what happened...We ordered Comcast in November 2009 because we moved to a Comcast only zone and at the time could not quality for Direct or Dish, so the end result was Comcast. We started out ok but unforeseen circumstances came up and we got behind on the bill. That was no problem because I caught it up and got it current. So I recieve a bill in Jan 2010 stating that we only owed about $142 so I was like cool.

Time passed on and I recieve another bill stating that we now owe about $420!!! I was like oh H no!! So I called them. The rep tells me that there was a misapplied payment on my acct that wasn't supposed to be there and they yanked it off of my bill, so the total was what I owed.

Ok, now I understand that it may have been a misapplied payment but when I ask for a payment arrangement, the *** rep tells me that she couldn't provide a payment arrangement due to my account being 60 days past due??? (few choice words, trying to keep it clean) So I tell this rep that while I understand what you are saying, but whose fault is it? My account was not 60days behind until you applied this money to my acct and now I'm asking for an arrangement to get this paid and you deny me!!! So she tells me that a rep will be coming out to pick up my boxes and you know what I told them...come get the (a choice word)and hung up the phone.

So they came later on that night because I guess the rep didn't like my tone with her and I really don't care about her or Comcast and that's why there is competition like AT&T whose been around for many years, so that will be my next step! Good riddance, Comcast!

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Comcast is as equally fusterating to consumers and employees alike. There billing system sucks. Most times customer service sucks too because of several factors. 1.)The way they train employees

2.)The way they treat employees

3.)They way they teach employees to be jerks.

Everything comcast stands for shows directly from the customer service you get.

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