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Comcast advertises that its internet service is faster than DSL. What Comast won't tell you is that the service is totally unreliable. When I switched to it I had two service outages of about three hours each and then lost service for two days. When I called, I was told Comcast was working on it. I switched back to DSL after a month. And then try to go to the company website to find out what's on. Three out of five times it doesn't work.

What a horrible company. And to think we pay for this sort of lying and abuse.

The company is good, though, at co-opting the local officials who "oversee" the franchisee. Municipalities are given their own broadcast channel, and far be it from the *** mayors and city councilors to pull the Comcast plug. No matter the abuses endured by their constituents, the politicians want to keep their mugs on the non-viewed broadcast channel.

What a joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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i believe there is something wrong with comcast. i suspect (ONLY MY OPINION), Comcast is about to go Adelphia's way, a competitor that went defunct because of management irregularities.

today i wrote a letter to government officials and I will ask the justice department to halt their merger with NBC. I found the company has problems at every level including customer relations, pricing, equipment, management and installations. please write to me at

I want to hear your story. Thank you

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