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I have been missing 20 channels of cable service which i pay too much for already so after ringing comcast they said they would send a technician out to check the problem the informed me there would be a $99 call out charge!

I told them all i want is the service i paid for and it was there issue not mine and i was not willing to pay.I told them its not an issue with my end as i can receive channels 2-38 and 61-99 but not 39-59.(which i have paid for.

So i told them to stick there cable where the sun don't shine.I have lived without television before i can do it again.Comcast seem to believe they can keep giving the consumer the shaft and get away with it.So i am taking a stand and saying NO MORE!

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I didnt switch to satilite cause of having to add a box to my sets. Comcast gave out all that bull about the OTA digital conversion and how you would be goo if you had cable.

Now that it;s happened Comast does this ***. I think we should be like everyone else and file a class action against Comcast.


Yes that is the call out charge for the engineer and yes they will credit me for time down but i still have to pay out the call charge whether their problem or not but the time down credit would not cover the initial call out charge,i think that this is an issue especially in San Francisco as most of the repair work seems to be done by licensed contractors rather than CC themselves

Littleton, Massachusetts, United States #63125

are you sure they are billing you $99 for a trouble call?om what I know, if the problem is caused by thier company, you will not be billed for the trouble call and you can also request credit for the days you had cable service interruption.

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