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On June 19 I notified Comcast that my service was terminated June 1. I was moving to a smaller, more secure place.

Last month I was billed and thought that they might catch up on their billing. Now I am told that someone is using cable at my old residence. Comcast said that is irrelevant and that I signed a contract (over two years ago!) and that it didn't matter whether I am using it or not! Now I am told that they will continue to charge me (as they did on July 27th) and will only reduce, not cancel my contract if I return certain equipment.

I have just left hospital once more and am in no condition to unpack hundreds of boxes at their convenience.

When life goes well, Comcast is your "friend", but if you are a disabled combat veteran you might as well go to *** where they are concerned. All I can do as ask my bank to rescind the charge.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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File a police report saying these people are using your services with out your permission. The file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC. I bet those charges will disappear and all they will charge you for is equipment.


Absolutely contact your bank. And then tell Comcast that you are going to call the police for identity theft because someone posing as you is using a "contract" under your name for a service you are being fraudulently charged for. If Comcast doesn't comply, I suggest calling the police. Yes, whoever is living in your old place might get in trouble, but they're using your name and account to get free cable. That's identity theft and AGAINST THE LAW.

Shame on you Comcast!

And by the way, VietGrunt, thank you for your personal sacrifices in the name of freedom. If I worked for Comcast, I would do anything in my power to take care of a Vet.

I hope you find just resolution soon!

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