Atlanta, Georgia
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I ordered service on 08/22/2011 scheduled to be installed 08/27/2011 between 8:00 AM and noon. When no one showed up by noon and I had not been contacted, I called Comcast.

The representative informed me that my order had been cancelled because my address had been deemed unserviceable. I received no prior notification that my appointment would not happen as planned. I informed the representative that there must be a mistake, my next door neighbor has Comcast service and inquired as to how the unserviceable decision was reached, she could not provide that information.

I requested a technician come to my house and verify physically that it is not serviceable and was told that this was not possible. This address has never had service so I'm sure it doesn't pull up in the computer, and neighbors on both sides of me have the service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I had the exact same experience and my step father didd too, two weeks ago. THis is absolute ***.

They suck. Then they say "I'll have dispatch call you" never happened.

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