Rockville, Maryland

I paid on my ccount in full with a customer service representative Dec 22. I went Xmas shopping for my granddaughter checked my account to discover funds were missing.

I immediately called my bank and was told Comcast withdrew funds in the same amount twice, on the 22 then on the 23 at 3:18am. I called Comcast talked to 10 dfferent people all with different answers. This is a waste of my time but I will get my funds back. I'm calling the corporate office and my lawyer after christmas.

this should be a crime. No!

Did not finish my Xmas shopping for my granddaughter there was no funds left in my account. I'm going to prosecute to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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They did it to me yesterday! Now I have to jump through hoops to get my money back! Comcast is such a scam!!!


They are doing the same thing to me and I did not sing up for automatic bill pay ...They have charged me twice for the same bill in the same month..When I call they tell me they can not see the Charge and tell me I am wrong and it has not been taken out of my bank..I now have to go to the bank show them all and have this reversed then take a copy of my bank statement proving they billed me twice to the local office ...It is plain as day on my statement that they overcharged me yet they still deny seeing it...There is a scam going on amongst those working in billing ..What they are doing is Embezzlement committing fraud against our banks and us...More people need to speak up about this when it happens...


Let this serve as a warning to you and others to NEVER, ever allow someone to automatically withdraw funds from your bank accounts. Businesses love it when you let them do this to pay your monthly bills. As you found out, when things go awry, you are out the money until you can beg them to refund it---which may never happen.