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Update by user Oct 30, 2012

9/26/12 Found a business card on the door from a Deborah Coleman. A customer service executive. Could this be the one?

9/27/12 12:43 pm. Called and spoke to Miss Deborah. Seems to want to help resolve the situation.

10/30/12 UPADTE!!! Well I did meet with Miss Deborah about 3 weeks ago. I believe it was on the 2nd or 3rd of October. She came to my office and we talked for about 30 mins. The bottom line was she offered me a $300 credit on my account when I switched.

I apologized to her for not conveying the magnitude of the situation to her and informed her that a clear message needed to be sent to Comcast due to the systemic nature of this practice throughout the company. She informed me that is happens to Verizon customers that she meets with as well. I told her my initial filing would be for $121,728 dollars. Representing the approximate cost of cable services for the rest of my life.

After the glazed look in her eyes faded a bit she informed me that that was not a decision she would be able to make and would push this up to the next level and have her manager call me.

On 10/22/12 I called her again and informed her that I had still not heard from anyone on the case and she assured me she would get a message to her boss and someone would be in touch. Now over 1 week later I have still heard nothing.

It’s my plan to file the suit after 11/1/12 if I have not heard back by that time.

Original review posted by user Sep 19, 2012

Comcast / Verizon Lawsuit Fiasco Timeline

I'm compiling a list of people and stories just like this for a legal case against Comcast. I'm in the middle of a situation that's been ongoing since 8/29. As of today (9/19/12) STILL no resolution. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY & THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!

Send your story to: ComcastLawsuit@***.com

8/29/12 At approximately 9:30am I placed a call to Comcast to inquire about their services. We currently use Verizon's Fios for phone, TV and internet and I was really not happy with the internet speed. Not to mention I have been experiencing problems sending e-mail through my ISP's servers from the home connection.

After a roughly 50-60 minute phone call I thought we'd come to a pretty good package deal. Then the rep hit me with a $159 installation fee. I informed him that I thought that was excessive and was given a $110 option that included me doing a partial install. And a $29.99 + $20 shipping option that included me doing the complete installation my-self.

I told them I'd have to think about that and that they were not competitive in their pricing and terminated the call. The following is an email I sent outlining the scenario to a family member in my home:

From: "Tom Gardner"

Sent 8/29/2012 10:40:44 AM

To: "'barbara'"

Subject: Comcast Very Questionable

Hey There,

I just spent about 50 to 60 mins on the phone with Comcast and it was about the most frustrating thing I've ever done. So difficult to get a straight answer out of these folks.

I thought we had it all worked out @ $117 monthly + about $10 taxes for 1st 12 months then he said "your installation fee will be $159" that's on top of the first bill. Got that down to $110 if I install the internet and we buy our own wireless router. Or $29.99 activation fee and $20 shipping if they just send us everything and I do the complete installation myself. I eventually just said I'll have to think about it and terminated the call. I think I just got a VM from them as well, but I gota go do lunch, 6215 and I'd like to get a little backyard work done today as well.

Talk to you later,

9/1/12 I received a call from a Comcast Installation technician stating he was at my home for the installation. And asked "Are you home?" I informed him I was not and that I had not placed any such order for installation. He verified my name & address and said he had an installation order for phone, TV and high speed internet. As well as 3 set top boxes and a wireless router.

I told him I'd called earlier in the week to inquire about their services but they were not priced competitively and had chosen not to make a change at this time. He thanked me, apologized for the confusion and ended the call.

An hour or so later I got a call from the appoint scheduling people. They left me a voice mail saying that the technician was running late but should be able to get there. About 30 minutes later I got another VM saying that they had "Overbooked" the appointments for that day and I'd need to call the office to reschedule.

9/3/12 Got up Labor Day morning to the cheery discovery that I have NO DIAL TONE!!! Comcast has stolen my number. I already had more on my plate than I was going to be able to handle for the day and we do have our cell phones so this is going to have to wait until I can address it more fully.

9/4/12 6:50pm. Called Comcast spoke to Rep Erick. Gave him the low down and where we stood at the moment. Very apologetic and said "This never should have happened. I'm very sorry but there's nothing I can do." He then said he was going to transfer me to the retention dept.

7:15pm A retention Rep named Ketema came on the line. Had to explain the entire scenario to her again. Her response was almost verbatim to Erick's. This never should have happened, very sorry bla, bla, bla… She did say she was definitely going to get my number released though and we could get that taken care of. Roughly 15 minutes later she said everything was taken care of and my number could be restored, but it would have to be done by Verizon. I asked her if there was any way I could get back to her directly just in case there was any problem. She instructed me to call back, ask to be transferred to retention and she was the only Ketema in the office. So one of the other reps could email her internally and if she was not with another customer she'd call me immediately.

7:45pm Aprox. Called Verizon and spoke to Mr. McCartney. He looked up our number and told me it was owned by AT&T. (that was totally new info) None the less he said the number appeared to be in a sort of "limbo". Since a porting over had been ordered, canceled and never completed. Further review of the account and discussion brought us to the conclusion that the number had been disconnected. And apparently there's no porting of d/c numbers. The number must be active to be ported over. And again those of so comforting words. "I'm terribly sorry; I'd love to help you but… (wait for it…) there's nothing I can do…

8:15pm Aprox. Called Comcast back, asked for retention. Apparently the retention dept. is a highly secure facility that significantly limits the access of lowly customers and of most front line reps without a very good cover story. Because I had to go through the whole story again with this (unmanned) rep. Eventually I was deemed worthy to be transferred to the retention department. When I asked for Ketema the nice lady said "yes we have a Ketema and I'm sitting right across from her, but I can't transfer you." I asked her if she could have her call me so I didn't have to go over everything again. She assured me she would do just that.

11:48pm I went to bed, the phone never rang, no Ketema…

SIDEBAR YOUR HONOR!!! I have a job, I'm a partner in a start-up business we're building from scratch (yea in this economy) and I have another business I'm trying to rebuild after the economic collapse. Not trying to impress you or anything just saying that's why I didn't have any more time to devote to this until Friday.

9/7/12 10:10am Called Comcast and after a masterfully fluent and concise description of why I needed to breach the walls of the fortress known as the "RETENTION DEPT" I was in and on the line with retention specialist Tosha. Oh you may be asking "How'd you get from service rep to retention specialist in less than 10 minutes?" Cuz that's what I'd be wondering. I gave her the sort version. "Comcast stole my number without my permission and I've got a really big problem with that." Now I apparently hacked Tosha off from the start by asking if I could just go directly from breaching the walls of fort retention to a retention supervisor. Apparently that's a totally unprecedented breach of protocol. Because one hour and twenty four minutes later I was still on hold.

Now you may think that's wasted time but oh contrar my friend. You see I had gotten an article from my sister via a Facebook post that ran back in May 28, 2012 where the exact same thing had happened to another gentleman in Philly. It seems that Murray Dubin was a reporter and editor at The Inquirer from 1971 to 2005 and this was a story he posted on the philly.com website. Here's the link; http://articles.philly.com/2012-05-28/news/3186****_*_libby-phone-verizon

So that got me thinking Murray and I most likely are not the only 2 guys out there who are dealing with this. 15 minutes later I had 3 more articles and the problem stretched from New Jersey, to Maryland, to Washington, DC to Richmond, VA. A seemingly systemic problem that runs throughout the company and has been going on for years. One of the guys in my building had the same thing happen to him 4 years ago.

So now back to Tosha, I decided to call customer service again on my cell (since it's the ONLY phone I have) and conference the 2 calls together so I wouldn't miss a moment of the raucous excitement that was bound to ensue.

Approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes into my hold time I was connected to Shawn in the Texas call center. Shaw was astonished at what I'd been through, he was deeply sorry for the inconvenience but… (you guessed it) there was nothing he could do. But Shawn's own resources were more than even he imagined for 10 minutes into his call we had an operator number from someone who just moments prior had entered notes on the account. Operator ID: OSRRVW had just made a note. Could this be Tosha from fort retention? Unfortunately Shawn's skill set and security clearance could not determine who operator OSRRVW was. But all was not lost because 21 minutes into my call with Shawn I was transferred to Jahnae Operator #33533 and in what I believe to be an Olympic call center record time of just over 2 minutes she agreed to transfer me to her supervisor. This was nothing short of a MONUMENTAL achievement because in only about 8 or 9 short minutes the voice of reason came to the phone. I was now on with Ben operator #34532 in Texas. Ben is in fact a retention department Floor Manager. Just let that ring in your head for a moment. Retention dept. floor manager…. I can smell results here, Ben is an action oriented guy and he feels my pain.

I assured Ben (as I have several others along the way) that I was entering this conversation with the premise that somewhere, on some level, someone wanted to help me solve this problem…. He agreed. After bringing him up to speed and allowing him to review the notes on the account he was appalled to say the least. Then he said something shocking. He said "I'm not going to mislead you or misrepresent what I can do for you. You've gotten enough of that already."

Could it be? Is it possible? Have I found the person in the corporate leviathan that does actually care enough to DO something? Then it happened. As quickly as I'd been lifted up I felt the very earth under my feet start to slip away with those dreaded words. "…but there's nothing I can do…." And my heart dropped, but the mighty Ben Nickerson (yes he gave me his full name) operator number 34532 gave me the glimmer of hope that I needed, the possible key to the restoration of humanity that I'd longed for when he continued "…that will be enough to compensate you for all you've been through. No discounted deal, no bundled special is sufficient to satisfy this wrong." Ben Nickerson operator 34532 and single handedly decided that he was not going to allow this to be a nail in the coffin of Comcast, but a feather in their cap. A testimony in customer service turn around something that could be highlighted for hears to come at the annual corporate retreat. The name Ben Nickerson operator 34532 would be known by all as the one who turned a potential class action lawsuit into a satisfied Comcast customer for life.

After only 1 hour on the phone with Ben he decided to send this to corporate for a resolution and an offer so good that I'll be a Comcast customer for life. Of course at the moment I still don't have a phone.

9/12/12 11:05am UPDATE… Well as of today we're 10 days with NO home phone service, vo call back from Ben the Magnificent and not a word from corporate. I'm holding on to hope though. I know Ben won't let me down.

As an aside, we have had some interaction with Verizon who assured us we'd have phone service by Saturday September 8, 2012…. Oh wait a minute… it's already been Saturday September 8th 2012… Hummm…

9/17/12 10:35am Called the main number / Tracey / Oper#1137 / She's very appoligitic, extremely sorry but there's nothing she can do for me. She suggested I call the 1-800-Comcast number and I guess just hope that I get connected to Texas. Ashed to be transferred to a supervisor.

17 minutes later I'm officially on hold for a supervisor. Got supervisor Emily Operator #3145 in what may be a record setting page of just under 2 minutes. She said she is able to transfer me to the retention dept. After only 6 additional minutes she came back on the line to inform me that there was no such person as Ben Nickerson Opr#34532. You cannot imagine the devastation. Was it possiable? The once mighty Ben was a farce.

27:10 into the call I got Herriot in retention # refused to provide operator id. Tasha in retention #NTC because she doesn't use #'s. Well we're 37 minutes into the call now and back on hold while she tries to look up Ben's info.

She's also saying no Ben, but then she said she had one more trick now knowing that he's in Texas. So after another 10 minutes or so on hold at the 47 minute mark they hung up on me. Oh the joy!!!

Location: Henrico, Virginia

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Comcast Stole our phone number, without our acknowledgement or concent the exact same way and almost exact same story, getting no where, getting hung up on, still no phone, took us out of contract from Verizon triple play and early termination fees.why is Comcast ruining peoples lives, we own a small business and have no access to our fax or phone for almost a week, just pointing fingers from Comcast and Verizon, they stole this number from my wife s maiden name into our marriage name, that right there dosnt seem legal, we all need lawyers or a class action suit, this is not right to just ruin your life, I had my number 16 years and have 5 of us living here and a small business to run.I am looking into a police report on this and the attorney general we should do something about this.