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Comcast bombards me with email after email every few minutes. After unsubscribing many times and still receiving emails from them.

I called to tell them to tell them to stop.

After being on the phone waiting for half an hour I answered many questions to a recording. which connects me to somebody who will ask me the same questions again. After I answer all the questions a second time. They transfer again.

then after more questions they say ok your all set no more spam from us. I tell the agent I recieved 2 more while I was talking to him. Day after day I call in. 3 times on fathers day....ruined my day.

day after day more spam more calls to comcast. then I'm told to forward their spam back to them. and they will call me and let me know what theyve found out. ......No call.....

I go through the agonizing long wait call to comcast again and I'm told someone tried to call me. but my phone shows that no one called.

so now after days of spam in my email I'm told they will call again and they can only call and interupt me during my work schedule. and i'm sure nothing will get done and they probably wont call back anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Comcast Cons: Service and reliability and try to steal your refunds.

  • poor training
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