In Ridgeland, MS, it is a monopoly, unfortunately. Another reason to leave this dump as soon as I can get out of it (just moved here from out of state in May and have despised it most of the time).

Comcast just raised my bill by 20 percent for the promotional rate to save me money! Had a 6 month discount then whammo.

I'll have to check on satellite since this backwater burg doesn't have other cable options. Comcast offers their typical lousy service, overcharges for it and gets away with it because the state of Mississippi has earned its reputation of being the stupidest state in country and doesn't have competitor services.

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Horrible service!! Called support to find the closest location to drop off equipment.

Have been on hold for over 20 minutes.

Come on people!!


If you want to save money on your Comcast bill call 877-824-2288 and ask to speak to the RETENTION Department. They will give you promotions and discounts that no other department can give you.

The promos generally last for 6 months so you have to callback every 6 months. It is worth the trouble because you can get discounts of 25-50%


I know they are just another big company and people sometimes fall through the cracks, but I work for another and they go through great pains to keep customers and make them happy (within reason). I had bad service which cost me time and money as I rely on service for my job.

Had to put in to cancel 3 times as they got it wrong every time AND had to pay during time I didn't even use service due to their mess up. Also was contacted by corporate agent who assured me he would see about credits, monitor my account and then call me back. 2 weeks later....nothing. Not even a memo on my account that he exists.

And then the last rep that HOPEFULLY got my cancellation right, tells me I could have gotten service credits all along due to my issues. I even gave them a change. Almost 6 months worth of patience and waiting. Service was up and down.

When I stopped calling they stopped caring. Which I understand, but honestly, if you have a problem fix it and then call it quits.

Its a shame as they are one of the only carriers in my area. But thank goodness, I was able to get to another one and have the flawless service I need to actually work and make money.


just report them to the fcc (federal regulating body) or the public service commission(state regulating body). comcast hates this.

they are considered infrastructure however, and therefore have to abide by rules and regulations. in this case, the citizen has the power, but comcast banks on you not knowing that!!!!

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