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Comcast fraudulently took $452.28 from my son's checking account causing him over $500.00 in overdraft charges. After one month of multiple phone calls and speaking to multiple people they agreed they mistakenly took the $452.28 from his account and replaced it but refuse to pay the over $500.00 in NSF.

Why are the repeatedly allowed to get away with this? When is someone with power going to stop them? If I took money from somebody's bank account without their permission, I would go to jail. What makes them so different?

When is someone going to start helping the consumer and their rights??

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Comcast, and anybody else for that matter, can ONLY take money from your bank account if you authorize "auto pay" for your bill ! This is the same with the power company, Geico, WAMU, everyone out there.

DO NOT do "auto pay" on any of your bills, each month type in the information and sleep soundly knowing that nobody can "help" themselves to funds out of your account because YOU HAVE AUTHORIZED IT ! Read the fine print ! A friend of mine spent one whole day in her local bank fighting to get $400+ dollars back that were "auto pay" falsely charged to her account. Be aware: banks are NOT quick nor nice to help here !

DO NOT AUTHORIZE AUTOPAY FOR NOBODY ! If you do, deal with the ***$equence$ !


Wow, this one may be out of my league but here I go. I have had this happen to me a couple times, not with Comcast though, and had the same result.

I recall it was when I didnt have any money and was younger. The bank actually did it once and didnt refund any service fees or credit me more than the original amount. I still had to pay a service fee to the company whom I wrote a check to that was returned due to lack of funds. Long story short the bank still exists today and I couldnt do anything about it.

Personally I feel "if you can prove it" Comcast made a mistake and they should refund your money and any loses it may have created. Contact more people til you get satisfaction!!!!

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