Comcast mistakenly overcharged me last month $321 and direct debited the money from my bank account. Now they will only offer a credit to my Comcast account rather than crediting my bank account the money that is rightfully mine. It will take me over six months of service with them to go through that kind of a credit!!!

Also found out that they mistakenly took my modem when they "upgraded" mine that I currently owned and now it is listed as "stolen" in their system!

Found all this out after a 51 minute phone call!

Was on hold for 40 minutes waiting for a supervisor who could do nothing to help me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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They charge you a month bill before service and upon terminating your service they tell you will be credited. But they never did and every attempt to call and talk to them has been a waste of time!!

I call that robbery!! I think there needs to be an investigation - COMCAST STEALS!!!!!!!!!!!

Macapa, Amapa, Brazil #56374

Please contact consumer affairs and the authorities. And call back everyday until they give you, your cash back.

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