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Comcast DSL speeds: San Jose, CA

I am paying 64$/month for blast which they promise 20mbps I am getting 6mbps...they are shameless idiots..they can beg or barrow. I am really pissed off and I am going to change after spitting on their faces for cheating consumers like this. Talk about their billing and its a scam. Someone called after 6 months and told me that there is a price change and it impacts me, I have to fight with them to keep the plan price.

Every month you see an increase of 10C or 15C increase and if this is not a telephone line why would there be a any change in billing.

God, punish these people

Monetary Loss: $64.

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The reason is most likely your modem is too old to support the higher speed. I mean come on!

Mine was five years old.

When I upped my speed I also ordered a new modem. This is NOT rocket science people!

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