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On 7/21/2010 I had a Comacast tech decide I needed a new line put in. On 852010 the vendor Comcast used to lay line installed a new line.

They decided to not bury it on the path the Comcast drew out. On 10/10/2010 I had someone aerate my lawn. The Aeration machine cut the Comcast line because the line was run over a tree root and was only a 1/2 inch below the ground a that point. A Comcast tech came out that day and spliced the line he left the old cable laying on my lawn and said a new line would be put down in two weeks.

I called Comcast the week before last and was told someone would be out by 10/24/2010. I called back last week and was told someone would be out by 10/28/2010. I was trying to get it done be 10/30/2010 (halloween) since I live on a corner property and kids walk across my lawn on hallowen. I went out on 10/30/2010 and buried the line the best I could.

I called today 11/2/2010 and I am now being told that someone will not be out until 11/20/2010. That would be 40 days to get someone out to correct this.

Outrageous. Gregory Wellons

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