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Please let me start by saying that everything that I'm about to say is true. Honestly, I couldn't make up a story as convoluted and ridiculous as this in my wildest dreams.

I've had my on again, off again problems with Comcast's service, TV/Phone/Internet, periodically. But, like everyone else, I call Customer Service, and go over the problem and either they can fix it over the phone or they schedule a Tech to come and fix the problem in person. A bit of an inconvenience but nothing I would ever write a review about. Until now.

I started having major problems with my phone service since June. The first Tech to come out diagnosed the problem as Comcast's faulty line running into the house and put in a requisition to have it repaired. He said I should hear back from someone in two weeks. No call ever came.

The phone problem persisted. Three Tech's later over the next two months and finally one of them replaced almost every phone line in the house and the bad input in the basement. Finally a working phone (friends thought I had moved as I never had a consistently working phone for the two months). THEN the internet went out this past weekend.

The same routine of calling customer service only to be transferred to someone who could barely speak English and told me that Level 1 problem solving did not work and that they would need to go to Level 2 to fix the problem. To start Level 2 it would COST ME $5.99/month. I'm sure everyone reading this spots the problem immediately. Unfortunately, when I brought the obvious point to her attention, she just kept reading the script and repeated over and over that it would cost $5.99/month.

I hung up and called back and got someone who couldn't help me but scheduled a Tech to come and take a look. That was today. Jason Mendes was very thorough and did a great job of going over every connection and even crawling into tight spaces in the attack to make sure everything was working. He found a faulty connection and disconnected it since it didn't go to any tv/computer we were using and then wanted to complete the job by replacing the outside line to the Comcast line completely.

Since he needed help, I was out there feeding the line through one end while he pulled from the other. As luck would have it, the line broke due to the conduit being blocked. Thus, he had to temporarily put the line ON OUR LAWN and suspend it over our neighbors driveway BETWEEN TWO TREES. He then wanted me to sign an Indemnification Agreement clearing Comcast of any wrong-doing for such an idiotic solution.

I refused saying that if that's the best Comcast could do then Comcast was liable for anything that resulted from it. Remember, this is the same line that was supposed to be replaced two months earlier. NOW, here's where COMCAST SHOWS WHAT KIND OF COMPANY THEY ARE. The Tech, Jason, who left at 4pm just showed up at my house at 7pm DEMANDING THAT I SIGN THE AGREEMENT OR THEY'LL SHUT OFF MY SERVICE IMMEDIATELY!

My 13 year old daughter unfortunately had to witness this. I told Jason that I want to speak to his supervisor immediately. Jason called John Shaw at the Westford, MA Comcast office at (978) 902-1906, X2033. The same number I was given to ask when the line was going to be replaced.

Mr. SHAW then THREATENED TO CALL THE POLICE ON ME IF I DIDN'T SIGN THE AGREEMENT!!! I'm not making this up. So I signed the agreement so my children could do their school homework and be able to watch their favorite TV shows.


Even I didn't think you could stoop that low. EVERYONE TAKE NOTICE and pay at your own risk.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Most complaints like this can be investigated through the BBB or your state consumer relations panel.


NUMBER one you should have let the MF call the police.Do not ever sign anything you do not agree with.I had COMCAST in the past.You should never allow any one to run over you.I am sure there are other way's for your children to do their homework.Once a fool,ALWAY'S a fool.Stand up for your right's.WTF.SWITCH TO DIRECTV AND YOUR problem will be solved pronto.Tell COMCAST exactly what they can do for you.DUH.


comcast is so terrible... if i had a different provider i could use in my area i would switch in a heartbeat.

netzero dialup is more consistent then comcast. I really wish i could make my own ISP just so i could run comcast down down into the ground.

1/8 star out of 5. garbage.


meetings1 I am very sorry to hear this and the grief you had to go through. NO service call or install or any job we do should ever go like that and seeing that I am a Comcast employee that makes me embarrassed to say I am a part of a company that handled this problem in such a manor. An would only like to help and get this sent up and escalated so it can be taken care of appropriately.

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