Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

I reside in Nashville, Tennessee and Comcast cable service here is absolutely HORRIBLE! Many of my complaints stem from the most obvious and makes you wonder why you pay so much every month (even with the constant price increases and channel changes) for something that really, if you think about it, is not worth the money you paid for it.

1. You can ask three customer service reps the same question and receive three different answers. Does this company even train their employees regarding cable services provided by Comcast?

2. Comcast has a message service that advertises worthless tidbits of information. How about posting when you are changing channels and rate changes? Many of us dont know of these changes until we receive the bill or flip through channels to notice that a channel you once had is no longer in the lineup.

3. Comcast had two rate increases last year (early spring and in the winter). Why so many and so often? Why has service not improved?

4. Why is there no other cable provider? Is Comcast the only conglomerate that, because it's the only "spoiled child", is willing to take more money from its customers since there is no other competition? What of Charter?

I wish someone with the FCC or some other commission would come in and investigate the practices of Comcast. Many, MANY people are dissatisfied and feel they have no other choice but to select them. Our only choice is Dish Services and DirectTV but they offer sattelite services. Pity. They could make a killing with a lot of unhappy Comcast cable customers.

I laugh when I see the commercial that states "... Comcast is the nation's leading cable provider..." It's the leading provider because for some of us, it's the ONLY worthless provider! Terrible customer service, increasing rates, constant changes, lousy service and *** decision makers whose only concern is to line their pockets and not benefit the customer is what makes Comcast number 1.


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Comcast/Xfinity is a piece of ***. They rip u off with fees.

I'll be glad when a new cable company come with some better service and better rates. Die comcast, please do us that favor.


Remember, too, how modems that customers own "somehow" wind up in the company's inventory !! And those employee IDs ..

once overheard a phone CSR yelling about "..I gave out a really great ID last time." WTH?

File complaints w/BBB and FTC and FCC. Have to read the rules as to what complaints the FCC and FTC handle, however.


comcast bought time warner. they are the same company


I agree with you 100%.

Comcast is horrible. I reside in Miami, and alas, Comcast is the only cable provider. The past 30 days, my internet has been down on and off for a total of 10 days.

When I called, they have no clue what is going on (even the supervisors) and keeps on giving assurances that now no longer means anything since it never works.

I think the worst part is the fact that there is pretty much no other cable company besides them here.

I think this kind of monopoly should not happen, where Comcast is the sole provider in an area etc.

Bring on some competitor like Time Warner and I am sure services will get better.