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There is little good to say about this company. When you get wireless internet and they supply you with the netgear can't get any help if it isn't working. Not unless you sign up for some second hand company for $100.00 a year. (I have yet to call and be helped, because of some "technical difficulties" on their end) The reason for this? It's because when you get the box it's already out of its three month warranty. Comcast buys them far in advance and then they let them sit and the warranty goes "poof". So then neither Comcast can help...cause it's not their box and Netgear won't help cause the warranty expired.

If you call and are ever lucky, hahaha, enough for someone to answer I hope you are ready to settle in for, well...forever comes to mind. Everyone passes the buck, no one knows anything! I have been in tears over my frustration with these people. I have written the president of the company and received a call from some flunky, whose job it is, is to keep people like me from the president of the company. Now, what a nice guy, he gave me his number, "in case you ever have another problem, I'll patch you right in to the top guys" only...if you answer your phone or return your messages, which he, apparently does not do. So, another dead end...what a shock!

And now...yeah, this is the best (and I've left TONS OF STUFF OUT) I find out that the whole time I've had my phone, no one could ever call in. Not a really big deal as I only recently got house phones and connected them. I was told this is a problem on their end and it will be fixed in 24 to 72 hours. When I asked what they were going to do, since I have been paying $45.00 a month for one-sided service she told me..."nothing". She said I should have called to tell them and I asked her how often she checks her phones to make sure they work? I don't call myself, specially since I have my cell phone.

The worst of all of this is that you get the sense that either people don't care and/or they are working for a company that doesn't care. This needs to be stopped! I think this is definately something that the Better Business Bureau needs to looks into closely. It became almost too stressful, like out of the box frustration and anger in August when I was trying to get all of the hook ups done in time for my grandson to begin online schooling. I was so mad and I felt there was NOTHING I could do, nothing I could say...I felt so helpless and that really enraged me inside. I am not that kind of person, so to feel so helpless and to be denied answers, time after time, it really is a really horrible feeling. I can't even find the words to explain those days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I would switch providers!! I had a similar experience myself!!

Go for At&t's U-Verse I love it!! No complaints here!!


I would switch providers!! I had a similar experience myself!!

Go for At&t's U-Verse I love it!! No complaints here!!

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