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Comcast customer service is an absolute joke. I literally spent an entire hour trying to use their shoddy phone system to make a payment.

Press 1 for credit card and it asks for my checking account account routing number! How ***! It is $6 to talk to a person - there's 30 mins of press number garbage before that is even an option. I think Comcast deliberately has a shoddy phone system to steal from people more easily.

...Surely people that provide phone and internet service could have a system that actually works?

Cox Cable is so much better- don't waste your time with Comcast. Cox has a phone system that actually works, better prices, and doesn't charge you $6 to talk to a person!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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It doesn't cost $6 to talk to a person, but it might cost $6 to make a payment through a representative. This is indeed meant to deter you from making payments over the phone, as it costs to staff the call centers and it is completely unnecessary to make payments this way.

I suggest making payments online.

Go to If you don't have your log in information you will have to call to get it, but they will not charge you for that, and assuming you don't forget your password you'll never have to deal with the pay by phone deal again.

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